Put the Sunscreen Down and Pick Up the Remote

July 3, 2018 at 9 am Central, Megyn Kelly Today will interview Yvette Manessis Corporon and yours truly!

Yvette’s book, “Something Beautiful Happened” will be available in paperback starting July 3. As part of her promotion she and I got booked on Megyn Kelly Today.

“Something Beautiful Happened”
Seventy years after her grandmother helped hide a Jewish family on a Greek island during World War II, a woman sets out to track down their descendants – and discovers a new way to understand tragedy, forgiveness and the power of kindness.

Yvette grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories about how the people of the small Greek island of Erikousa hid a Jewish family – a tailor named Savvas and his daughters – from the Nazis during World War II. Nearly, 2,000 Jews from that area died in the concentration camps, but even though everyone on Erikousa knew Savvas and his family were hiding on the island, no one ever gave them up and the family survived the war.

Years later, Yvette could not get the story of the Jewish tailor out of her head. She decided to track down the man’s descendants – and eventually found them in Israel. Their tearful reunion was proof to her that evil doesn’t always win. Buts just days after she made the connection, her cousin’s child was gunned down in a parking lot in Kansas, a victim of a Neo-Nazi out to inflict as much harm as he could. Despite her best hopes, she was forced to confront the fact that seventy years after the Nazis were defeated, it was still happening today.

As Yvette and her family wrestled with the tragedy in their own lives, the lessons she learned from the survivors of the Holocaust helped her confront and make sense of the present.-

I launched my website and professional speaking career on May 21, 2018 – Reat’s 19th birthday.

I plan to promote our Faith Always Wins Foundation via my website while on Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday, July 3. It would mean so much to me if each of you can share my website, this post and recommend me as speaker to your professional organizations and corporations.

We can all make a ripple to change the world! 

In faith, Mindy

Shane Brethowr