Queen and a Beach Scene

Spend time with me in a good memory...

When I spend time in the truck with my son, Lukas (17!), all control of whatever comes from the speakers, is his. Lukas and the truck have an unwritten rule about which Bluetooth is to be connected. Does this happen to all parents of teenagers?

As I sit in the driver’s seat listening to morning news on the local radio station, Lukas enters said vehicle. There is a pause in the radio connection and like magic, I see on the dash board “Welcome Lukas Bluetooth Connected”.

Sitting in silence, I am considering that the news wasn’t that important to me

Let's see...parent’s cheating to get their children into college is today’s hot topic. Really? Said every person (parent and student) working hard to save money for college.

...and time with Lukas is precious. 

Fondly, I remember listening to Mr. Stinky Feet during each morning school drive to the boys’ elementary and my heart skips a beat, as the passage of time is felt deeply. Nostalgia.

Bohemian Rhapsody, and all things Queen begin playing loudly as we drive to our destination. This movie has created a very fun connection between generations in our home. Same for you?

Good memories have a way of doing this. The smile on my face tells Lukas that I am fine with this selection. The smile on my face is truly my heart remembering when I sang these songs when I was in high school! Now, I get to share them with my youngest.

This simple moment and the 25 minutes feeling happy about a good memory fill my heart. Not only am I remembering a past good memory, I am making a new one.

Because this feels like a healthy process to me, I go to the google machine.

Yep – nostalgia and music, their proponents of health are each mentioned in this article. Thank you, US News & World Report.

The healing components of good memories or nostalgia, the power of lyrics and chords touching our soul are real. Take time to enter into a healing zone for yourself. I encourage you to turn up the speakers and find your memory, too!

Checking in with Pelican Kevin…

We find him making a memory for himself and me, as he floats effortlessly across the waters. The breeze lifting him as high or low as needed. 

Conjuring up any beach memory, or water memory for that matter, gives me a comforting, warm (like hot fudge melted over ice cream) kind of feeling. Too bad Pelican Kevin doesn’t get to taste the hot fudge and ice cream. I like being a human.

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Make memories with us as we engage in kindness - together.

In Kindness, Faith and Healing,


Mindy Corporon