Motivational Speaker, focused on kindness, Tragedy, hate crimes, strong faith

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Motivational Speaker, focused on kindness, Tragedy, hate crimes, strong faith

I have first hand experience with tragedy, gun violence, hate crimes, organ donation, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, managing a multi-million dollar business after tragedy, establishing a 501c-3, exploring faiths different from my own, coordinating a week-long experience focused on kindness, fundraising, and most importantly realizing how strong my faith is while staying married and raising an amazing teenage boy after tragedy.

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Hope, Faith and Healing

Past Events

Mindy Corporon and Jane Murray

Mind-Body-Spirit Video Series ׀ Episode 14 ׀ November 21, 2020

Together we are Better! A vibrant voice of Hope in the face of senseless hate-crimes, introducing: co-founder of Faith Always Wins, Host of Real-Grief Real-Healing, Inspirational Speaker, and co-founder of Workplace Healing LLC: Mindy Corporon

CANnonDO Business Forward Symposium ׀ Resilience 2021 ׀ October 2, 2020

“The Healing of a Shattered Soul: When we are shattered by life; how do we re-assemble ourselves?”

Something Beautiful Happens…When Community Comes
Together ׀ March 3, 2020

On March 3rd, Mindy spoke at the Jewish Federation of Omaha with her cousin, Yvette Corporon. The two joined to share their story of how their lives were forever altered by anti-Semitism.

Vibrant Health Mindy Corporon Speaker

Vibrant Health ׀ February 20, 2020

Mindy spoke at the Vibrant Women’s first luncheon at Hallbrook Country Club in Leawood, KS. She delivered a powerful message about resilience, healing, and the importance of connecting with and lifting up women around you. Vibrant Women is a women’s philanthropy group that supports women’s health and the Vibrant Beginnings program.

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