Mindy Corporon


Former CEO and now Activist, Mindy took action After her son and father were murdered in a religious hate crime...

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Overcoming Tragedy & Hate

An entrepreneur and former CEO of a successful wealth management firm, Mindy began her career as an executive assistant. She was a single mother dealing with divorce and later overcame a life-threatening illness.  After reaching the pinnacle of her professional career, and in the middle of raising two teenage boys, tragedy struck. Mindy’s father and oldest son were murdered by a white-supremacist intent on killing Jews.


Finding her voice

On April 13, 2014, Mindy's son and father were murdered in an act of religious hate.  She faced tragedy head on an is leading change with city leaders, religious leaders and employers to spread kindness to redirect hate, drive productive interfaith dialogue and promote healing in the workplace.

Faith, Kindness & Healing

There was no way she would ever be the same. The community rallied around her. People from other religions held support vigils and she was asked to speak at a Mosque by a family holding services for their young son killed in a separate act of religious violence.

She took action. Mindy started the Faith Always Wins Foundation and a community- wide event, SevenDays®. She also formed high school programs for productive inter-faith dialogue and now helps companies create healthy workplace environments so healing can occur after tragedy.