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Mindy Corporon

Five years after JoCo Jewish center shootings, Mindy Corporon fights back with kindness, faith and healing

Has it been five years?

Theater, lacrosse, baseball games, trips to the Bass Pro Shop and turkey hunting — they all stopped on April 13, 2014.

That’s when a white supremacist took the lives of three people he didn’t know at two Jewish centers in Overland Park, including Mindy’s Father and 14 year old Son…



News Articles

5 Years After Tragedy_Jewish Chronicle_040419

5 Years After Tragedy, Jewish Community Rallies Around SevenDays® (April 2019)

Sunayana and Mindy Walk in 2nd Annual

Sunayana and Mindy Walk in 2nd Annual Peace Walk (March 2019)

Mindy Corporon_35 World Changing Women

35 World Changing Women (December 2018)

Treating Trauma and society's collective

Treating trauma and society’s ‘collective illness’ (December 2018)

Mentoring Monday

Mentoring Monday: Women make connections in KC (February 2018)

Mindy Corporon_Parade_070318
98.1 KMBZ Talks to SevenDays

98.1 KMBZ Talks SevenDays® (April 2017)


Jaws of Justice Interview with Mindy Corporon

JAWS OF JUSTICE  ׀ June 29, 2020

When Tragedy Hits: Victim Resources with Guest Thought Leader

Length: 1 hour

The Dana and Parks Podcast

THE DANA & PARKS PODCAST  ׀ April 8, 2020

Mindy Corporon and the Do’s and Don’ts of Grief ׀ Hour 2

Length: 34:0 mins.

Mindy Corporon with Dr. Michelle Robin


Mindy Corporon with Dr. Michelle Robin ׀ Episode 241

Length: 32:41

Dana Wright podcast

THE RADIODANA DIARIES ׀ February 23, 2020

Real Grief Real Healing with Thought Leader Mindy Corporon ׀ Diary Entry #6

Length: 31:03

In a World Podcast

IN A WORLD PODCAST ׀ October 2, 2019

In a World Podcast ׀ Mindy Corporon – Episode 18

Length: 47:02

Radiate Podcast

RADIATE WELLNESS ׀ March 29, 2019

Radiate Wellness ׀ Workplace Healing with Lisa Cooper and Mindy Corporon

Video Length: 1:05:36

Podcast page

KCUR’s UP TO DATE ׀ March 29, 2019

KCCares, Episode 329, Kansas City’s Nonprofit Voice, Podcast Transcript

Bridge Radio with Mindy


Mindy talks about the SevenDays® initiative.

MAJORITY 54 WITH JASON KANDER – What We Can Do about Hate Crime ׀ August 17, 2018

THE TAKEAWAY – For Religious Communities, What Happens after an Attack ׀ October 30, 2018


Memorial Service for Dr. William Corporon and Reat Underwood (April 2014)

Length: 1:22:52

Seven Days Events KCTV5 040919

SevenDays® events begins to help spread message of kindness (April 2019)

Mindy Corporon Interview with i24News

Interview with Mindy following Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting (November 2018)

Best Regards Bakery

Best Regards Bakery Partnership (April 2018)

Two Women Come Together Through Tragedies

Two Women Come Together Through Tragedies (April 2018)

Mindy Corporon_KSHB 41

Mindy Corporon speaks out on death penalty sought for suspected JCC shooter (October 2014)

NY Times Hate Crime Forum
March for Civility Rally, Washington, DC
Building Community of Kindness_041317
CNN Features Mindy Corporon
Mindy Corporon_35 World Changing Women

35 World Changing Women

Mindy Corporon

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