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The Real Grief- Real Healing podcast offers you the opportunity to hear from real people about their life altering experiences and what steps they took and are taking to find healing. 

I know real grief. The pain of losing my child and father is with me, always.  The pain has lessened over the 6 years since their deaths…and it can sneak its way into my soul as a reminder of the immense love I hold for both of them. 

I know real healing. I have learned to belly laugh and find joy in the life I am living. Frequently, I am belly laughing through tears while sadness and joy hold hands

There are many ways for each of us to heal...join me as we explore real grief and real healing.

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Why listen to me?

Mindy Corporon, Real Grief Real Healing

Episode 27: In Part Two of my conversation with Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, “Wringing Positivity From Anger to Leave a Legacy of Kindness”, you will hear a theme that resonates in many of my interviewees. They are hurting and from their pain a path onward is created. It is their path onward, their resilience that will leave a legacy of kindness for generations to come. Friends, as you listen, I ask you to contemplate what actions you take daily in order to leave a positive legacy for generations behind you.

Mindy Corporon, Real Grief Real Healing Podcast

Episode 26: I was introduced to Izzeldin Abuelaish, MD in November 2019.  His book “I Shall Not Hate; A Gaza Doctor’s Journey” outlines the three tragic murders of Besan, Maya, and Aya, three of Izzeldin’s daughters and his niece, Noor, by an Israeli tank in Gaza on January 16, 2009.  Izzeldin is Palestinian.  His book is heart wrenching and detailed as he takes us through his childhood to the trials of medical school, all while living life as a refugee. Episode 26 is only part one of a two part series.  We had much to discuss and still do. I was left wanting for more and you will be, as well. Enjoy “Take the Challenge and Transform it to Life” and share how you are inspired after listening to Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish!

Mindy Corporon, Real Grief Real Healing Podcast

Episode 025. Grief, tragedy, trauma, anger, depression…these are all tough concepts to face day to day. And yet, some of us do face them more than others. I realized as I crept out of my own daily sorrow that I was building a palette of joy from which to work.

My aim in this episode is to offer you a few colors for your own palette. “What Constitutes Your Palette of Joy?”, dropping exactly one month post Capitol insurrection, I touch on exercise, my love of Jeff Hanson the person and his art and remind us all about the importance of Kindergarten.

Outraged, Not paying attention, White Supremacist, Susan Bro

“If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention”. The words of Susan Bro, a mother who lost her daughter, Heather Heyer, on August 12, 2017, to a white supremacist hell-bent on causing harm when he drove his car into a crowd of counter-protestors at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA. In Episode 024, you’ll hear a glimpse into her life as a grieving mother determined to create social awareness and change for the betterment of society. Using her voice to speak only the truth, Susan beckons each of us to use our talents and abilities to help others. Prepare to be challenged with finding a higher purpose.

kindness healing shattered soul manuscript

In Episode 23 I recall how long a journey can take to reach a destination – specifically, a destination we had not intended. Long hours, days on end, aching wrists and arms found me typing a manuscript I have titled, The Healing of a Shattered Soul. I hope you follow me as I explain how one person led to another, who led to another, who helped me finish the manuscript and find an interested party (hopefully) to place it into print. Courage was indeed required and plenty of kindness from those around me!


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