Stop the Hate

We Can Stop the Hate

With great sadness, the Faith Always Wins Foundation offers condolences to the numerous lives affected by the attack of hate in Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. The horror of continued hate in our world, now apparently broadcast on the shooter’s Facebook page, can be stopped.  Yes, the hate can stop…

1. The haters are not silent and seemingly in the dark. They broadcast their intent like bullies with a loud speaker. They indicate their intentions on hate websites for anyone to see. It is not a secret that these forms of publication are available. These publications can be halted by proper authorities and the businesses hosting the websites and messaging boards.

2, If you know someone involved in hate, spewing the vitriol about humans being less than, report this to your local authorities.

3, We all seek somewhere to belong. The need to belong to a family, a society of others’ similar to us is so strong in our human nature that hate groups can be a chosen group if shunned by other communities considered attributing to good in our world. We should pay attention to those seeking a community – welcome them into our own.

4, Kindness – We all require kindness for ourselves. Kindness lowers our blood pressure and anxiety. Kindness offered to a lonely person or a person full of fear & hate COULD redirect them from a destructive path.

5, Faith- Faith in humanity. Religious walls and rules separate us from what many of us have in common.  Faith in one another, faith that we can make the world a better place, faith in our commonalities of peace, hope and love need to continue to be nurtured.

6, Healing from an illness, an accident, a forced attack on your person or a family member takes concentrated effort and can feel as if it is never ending.  During our healing process we can find our personal onward to carry us forward in life – together.

7. Make a ripple with communication and good! – Talk with your children, parents, family members and friends about this attack with intention to do something good in memory of all those affected.  We can each turn actions of hate by others into actions and ripples of good!

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