Courageous Kindness in a Cup

How is summer treating you? Are you driving around like a crazy person from one place to another? Have you taken time for what we call vacation only to realize you are more tired when you arrive back home? Did you receive visitors, offering them tours of your favorite places and noticing how much you love your own space and should likely “visit” it more often? Are you rolling your eyes at my questions yet?

Take Time to Relax

Yes, I took a trip to a favorite place with some beloved family and friends. We were on the island of Ambergris Caye in the little town of San Pedro, Belize. I mention this location near the end of my memoir, Healing a Shattered Soul, on page 285 as I begin chapter 25 titled, “Gathering To Shine a Light on Peace”.

Taking a bit of my own advice, I worked to relax. Yes, you read this correctly. I tend to not relax well, so I’m told. I think we each relax to the extent needed. I digress. While taking long (and hot) walks on the beach as the sun was coming up, I processed thoughts, fears, worries, plans and this is the time I most likely speak out loud to God. I begin with, “Good Morning, God” – and go from there.

Stringing a few of my walks together I found myself journaling the following thoughts…

Entry on July 13, 2021. “Many times I feel like a bird fighting against the heavy winds of a storm. Battling to keep my footing, my nest. Holding my space – holding on to what I have. So many memories, experiences, laughs, games, proud moments and joyous times were taken from me. So, I grab on more tightly to what I have NOW. I grab onto what I can hold, touch, feel and see. God, where is my faith? The faith I had, the faith you poured over and into me when I needed it most? Is it still with me?”

Courageous Kindness

Friends, I do have faith in God, a higher power that is magnificent and difficult to hold all at the same time. I also falter with concerns and worry for myself, family and you. Can we collectively find peace with one another? Will taking steps of Courageous Kindness help us heal? I believe the answer is yes.

I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite girlfriends, Tandi, with me during this island vacation. Spending time with her allowed us just this…TIME. On one occasion she lavished me with her favorite coffee. As I poured some maple syrup in for sweetness, a heart appeared in the foam. Yes, it did. Messages come in all forms. Pay attention.

Tandi and I have shared much throughout our years of friendship. Her remarkable Courageous Kindness is documented in Healing a Shattered Soul in the chapter titled “Four Weeks” beginning on page 27. Hugging her goodbye, as she and her family departed Ambergris Caye, I felt the love I needed to feel. As her heart was beating against mine, our collective memories bubbled to my mind. I don’t always see her, hug her or even talk with her…yet, I have faith in our friendship. We have each offered and accepted Courageous Kindness during our relationship. These acts of kindness, empathy and generosity have been the balm that heals wounds and celebrates joys! I am grateful.

Take a moment or an hour and thank your friends for their Courageous Kindness in your life.

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