Mother's Day, mother, Heaven, first year of college, being a mom

Meditations and Motion

On May 9, Mother’s Day, I celebrated my own mother, Melinda A Corporon, and that of being a mom to two boys. Reat is in Heaven and Lukas, who was arriving home to Florida after completing his freshman year of college. On May 16, The University of Oklahoma hosted graduation ceremonies. I have no doubt that if living, Reat would have been part of these ceremonies. The family would have been present, including my deceased father, murdered only seconds before Reat’s life was taken. On May 21, Reat turned 22, in Heaven.

Father Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation, daily meditation posted on May 21, held me captivated. He asks us to contemplate, “How do we remain grounded and active in the face of oppressive systemic evils?” In a similar fashion, I am asked, “How are you so strong?”. My healing journey includes a faith that I questioned, a God who heard my anger, and countless written thoughts and prayers for the life that I knew to be so, once again. The journey I am on has taken twists, trudged up mountains, and found deep dark crevices of pain and anguish. And yet, the power of the Holy Spirit, God, energy, transcendence – they all find me at a time I need to be found.

Joy. The choice is mine each day. I continue to learn how to hold grief and sorrow in the same space as joy and delight. I choose to believe in God, Heaven, and the power of courageous kindness. Stepping into an uncomfortable conversation or situation to offer assistance, a hand to hold, a word of care or encouragement may save the life of another in years to come.

Changing our Community, Changing the World

I am not alone in efforts to change our community and world. “Thank you for being here, it takes a lot of courage”, President Joe Biden speaking to my friend Susan Bro and her husband Kim, alongside the parents of hate crime victim Khalid Jabara. Susan Bro’s daughter, Heather Heyer and Khalid Jabara lost their lives on the same day, one year apart from exploding hate. On May 20, 2021, they stood together as grieving and proud parents in the White House as President Biden signed into law the COVID-19 HATE CRIMES ACT. Inside this newly signed law is an important piece of legislation titled the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act, brought before congress from a bipartisan and bicameral* group of lawmakers.

*Bicameral – (of a legislative body) having two branches or chambers.

Friends, there is time to smile, find joy, call a friend, meet a stranger and change the world.


Together, we are better.

 Mother's Day, mother, Heaven, first year of college, being a mom




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