to-do list 2019 dictation

How is Your 2019?

How are you feeling about the new year?

How is Your 2019? Sometimes when I wake in the morning, a dictation is going on in my head. Frequently, it is my to-do list for the day and a monologue about what I didn’t do the day prior.

Today, it was different. It was as if I was having a conversation with you.

Dear Dad,

I took down the Christmas ornaments today, put away the decorations – completely- not just setting them aside on another table and then moving them to yet another location when guests arrive. The holiday fare is all nicely tucked away in our garage. 

My home office desk is in shambles. You would be shocked. When the papers started to get unorganized and I didn’t have the correct tools (aka a file cabinet) I placed them on the floor. Now, there are more than 6 – okay 8 piles of various papers lying on the floor. Note to self: scan documents for filing.

Lukas is doing well in school. He is in the second semester of his junior year. I know, can you believe it? He is taller than Len and reminds him daily. They still wrestle one another frequently – taking turns as to who is the champion. He is a typical golfer – frustrated much of the time. Enjoying his friends in golf and school and I think truly happy that we are in Florida with him, some of the time.

Our Faith Always Wins Foundation is growing nicely. We have much potential to grow in the areas of kindness, faith and healing.

Kindness = SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World®.  Our event this year is April 9 – 15 – so yes, the 13th falls in the week of events making it easier for me to get through the day.  

We ONLY need about $200,000 to run the event so I am working on fundraising.

This came as a shock to me – I am in conversation with a reformed white supremacist. I know…I wasn’t expecting this, either. He is part of our SevenDays® event this year. You would appreciate the work he is doing to help others stay away from hate groups.

Faith = Interfaith youth group. I learned the word interfaith in late 2014. We embraced the idea of creating an interfaith youth group allowing for students to engage with one another in their own religious, nonreligious, and spiritual identities and the religious, nonreligious, and spiritual identities of other students. On January 21, we are hosting a complimentary showing of the movie, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” (aka Mr. Roger’s movie. Yes, they made a movie about him and KINDNESS) 

Healing = As a physician you were an expert in healing. You healed me over and over, and over again. Well, I think you would be proud to know I am creating a company to help others heal. We call it Workplace Healing. 

I know how much time you spent in the workplace. I am striving to create a culture change in the workplace. Acknowledging that healing is ongoing – allowing healing opportunities in the workplace deliberately engages us for success in this same space.

Actually, none of this is really what I wanted to tell you today.

I am stalling.

I miss you. I miss you, terribly. I wanted to say, I love you.

Thank you for being my dad.

Happy 74th birthday, Dad.

Love, your favorite daughter (aka your only daughter)


to-do list 2019 dictation

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