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The Real Grief- Real Healing podcast offers you the opportunity to hear from real people about their life altering experiences and what steps they took and are taking to find healing. 

I know real grief. The pain of losing my child and father is with me, always.  The pain has lessened over the 6 years since their deaths…and it can sneak its way into my soul as a reminder of the immense love I hold for both of them. 

I know real healing. I have learned to belly laugh and find joy in the life I am living. Frequently, I am belly laughing through tears while sadness and joy hold hands

There are many ways for each of us to heal...join me as we explore real grief and real healing.

First Podcast
Real Grief Real Healing with Mindy Corporon

Episode 1 is my story. It is the day my world shattered. Since then our family has had so many transitions but we have also had healing and I’ve learned to find joy. There are many ways for each of us to heal…join me as we explore real grief and real healing.

Real Grief Real Healing with Mindy Corporon

Episode 2. Wes Hamilton. Wes shares his incredible story of how he’s living his best life after becoming paralyzed. He’s an award-winning athlete, entrepreneur, influencer, and awesome father. Wes‘s story will not only inspire you, but also will change your perspective on life and how everyone can find their passion.

Real Grief Real Healing with Mindy Corporon

In Episode 3- Listen to your heart, Mindy shares the chaos of the emergency room, the unusual joy of organ donation, finding importance in community as the important people showed up; she provides a narrative, allowing for an inside vantage point, of how listening started her healing journey.

Real Grief Real Healing with Mindy Corporon

In Episode 4, “You have the Most Important Job, Today”, I interview my momma, Melinda Corporon.

The two of us are examples of how differently healing can be defined, processed and managed. Each of us has to make our own journey to finding peace through the healing process.

While my story is broadcast more often, her story is as important as mine and deserved a mic.  We are hopeful by sharing our trauma, pain and real grief we can help you find real healing.

Real Grief Real Healing Podcast with Mindy Corporon

In Episode 5, titled “New Normal” has been lived by me since April 13, 2014. The significant changes humanity is now facing were faced by me in 2014…MY WORLD came to a sudden halt.

As soon as I listened to the playback of my recording, I realized I had not mentioned the suffering of those with cancer, long-term illness’ such as Dementia and I didn’t have language to mention what is spoken by each of us daily… COVID-19. Of course, all of these are life disruptions! Each of these and more require so much from us… including sleep, healthy eating and permission to be pissed off, so angry we are HOT and just plain crying. Our new normal can also bring us joy, laughter and a sense of peace we never knew existed in our souls.

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