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  • Episode 1 is my story. It is the day my world shattered. Since then our family has had so many transitions but we have also had healing and I’ve learned to find joy. There are many ways for each of us to heal…Join me as we explore real grief real

  • Episode 2. Wes Hamilton. Wes shares his incredible story of how he’s living his best life after becoming paralyzed. He’s an

  • In Episode 3- Listen to your heart, Mindy shares the chaos of the emergency room, the unusual joy of organ donation, finding

  • In Episode 4, “You have the Most Important Job, Today”, I interview my momma, Melinda Corporon. The two of us are

  • Episode 5, titled “New Normal” has been lived by me since April 13, 2014. The significant changes humanity is now facing were faced by me in 2014…MY WORLD came to a sudden halt when my son, Reat, and my father lost their lives to a hate crime. As soon as I

  • In episode 6, I interview Sunayana Dumala. Sunayana is Hindu and an immigrant from India. Her husband was targeted for the color of his skin. What the shooter didn’t know was the resilience of his victim’s spouse. Her tenacity, strength, and grace would quickly be broadcast around the world. I

  • Episode 7. Have you cried yet? Have tempers flared in your household? Are you exhausted from cooking, cleaning and

  • Episode 8. My older brother, Will Corporon is my guest in Episode 8, Galvanizing Deaths. As his trajectory of life took a significant shove, Will discusses how he walked with the grief while continuing to live his life, for others and himself. He offers insight on living in the eye

  • On May 21, 2020 – my son, Reat turned 21 in Heaven. The week leading to this significant date in our lives left me feeling empty and working to fill my soul with anything to avoid the “empty”.  On May 21, I expanded my TRIBE! Who is in your T R

  • In episode 10, Hope Upon Impact, my conversation with Julie Overlease, author of Hope Upon Impact, is just that, an easy conversation of two moms covering ground on loving our children, finding our tribe, and the power of prayer. You will find her memoir, Hope Upon Impact, as a guide to

  • Episode 11. Reflecting on Independence Day as a white girl from a small town in Oklahoma, I find myself considering

  • Episode 12: Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder one year after our family tragedy, Tony Corporon, my younger brother, shares the

  • In episode 013 - “Messages & Visions”, my vulnerability is put on display as I share specific messages I received from God, my dad, and Reat in Heaven - I am not exactly sure. They are received with an open, loving, accepting heart each and every time. My eyes are

  • Episode 14. While Nicole’s first childhood friend was Islamic, she can’t remember a time when she was not a Christian.  This early friendship undoubtedly left an indelible impression on her life as she defines herself as a “permission evangelist”.  Promoting interfaith dialogue along with a unique perspective on diversity, and

  • In Episode 015, my guest is Bill Tammeus. Bill and I met through a mutual friend, Jon Willis, with whom we share an interest in interfaith understanding and education. During this episode, he shares the details of HIS September 11, 2001, how he sought comfort then and seeks it now,

  • In episode 016, “When Grief Knocks You on Your Ass, Slow Down and Process it”, I talk about what grief is and what grief feels like. Yes, I talk about feeling, a lot. Losing a loved one is universal. How we grieve our loved ones is individual. As humans, we

  • As the holidays approach, so do monumental triggers that send us spiraling into sadness. Traditions of our holidays can trigger comfort and sadness, in the same moment. In Episode 017, "Holidays: You Have Permission to Establish New Rules", I offer my personal experience of walking through the holidays as a

  • Episode 18: “I Believe in Angels” is what Rabbi Jeffrey Myers told a grieving family and community when he opened the seventh and final funeral he officiated after the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre took the lives of 11 praying people. On October 27, two years will have somehow passed

  • As this podcast drops on November 7, we may or may not know the complete outcome of the United States elections, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Collectively, we have all been through the preverbal ringer. Mostly, my circle of people, my tribe, which consists of people representing three parties;

  • In Episode 20 "It Feels Better to be Kind" Gael recounts the day she was on her way to the zoo ready to play grandma, when her husband, Dave called her with the news about a terrible tragedy in Kansas. She is sure of herself when mentioning each of the

  • Triage is the degree of urgency for any and all necessary care to keep us functioning, perhaps only breathing. When a traumatic experience drops us to our knees and we are living in the center of pain, our souls and potentially our bodies need sufficient time in triage before moving on

  • In Conversation with Lukas Losen, "Having the Right People Around You Makes All the Difference." For the first time, Lukas shares openly what he remembers from April 13, 2014, the day our lives were shattered by evil and hateful acts of violence. Resilience, courage, and love can be heard through

  • In episode 23 I recall how long a journey can take to reach a destination - specifically, a destination we had not intended.  Long hours, days on end, aching wrists and arms found me typing a manuscript I have titled, The Healing of a Shattered Soul for FrontEdge Publishing. Their

  • Episode 24: "If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention". The words of Susan Bro, a mother who lost her daughter, Heather Heyer, on August 12, 2017, to a white supremacist hell bent on causing harm when he drove his car into a crowd of counter-protestors at the Unite the

  • Episode 025. Grief, tragedy, trauma, anger, depression…these are all tough concepts to face day to day. And yet, some of us do face them more than others. I realized as I crept out of my own daily sorrow that I was building a palette of joy from which to work. My

  • I was introduced to Izzeldin Abuelaish, MD in November 2019.  His book “I Shall Not Hate; A Gaza Doctor’s Journey” outlines the three tragic murders of Besan, Maya, and Aya, three of Izzeldin’s daughters and his niece, Noor, by an Israeli tank in Gaza on January 16, 2009.  Izzeldin is

  • In Part Two of my conversation with Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, "Wringing Positivity From Anger to Leave a Legacy of Kindness", you will hear a theme that resonates in many of my interviewees. They are hurting and from their pain a path onward is created. It is their path onward, their

  • When you're looking for an opportunity to increase your kindness take a look at SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World! Life can be more fun when you connect the people who weave the fabric of your existence, together. A large part of my healing journey, the process I call,

  • In episode 29, titled “How It Came To Be”, I introduce you to my faithful journey of courageous kindness after the trauma and grief of domestic terrorism. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. When you read my story I pray you find the inspiration needed to

  • Friends, May is Mental Health Month. With the intention of REDUCING the stigma surrounding mental health struggles, Episode 30, "Saving our Children from Suicide" was created. My guests today are a parent and step-parent of a young man who died by suicide during such a time in his life. In the

  • In episode 31, “I Can’t See the Pain Inside You”, my intention is to raise your awareness surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Listening, you will hear me read from one of the chapters in my book allowing for time and space in the realm of mental health. Noted clearly

  • Alexandra Elizabeth Kemp’s father, Roger Kemp, is my guest on episode 32, “Saving Lives is Ali Kemp’s Legacy”. Roger and Kathy Kemp’s own lives came crashing down on June 18, 2002, when their 19-year-old, first-born, vivacious, spirited, intelligent, beautiful and filled-with-life daughter, Ali was brutally murdered. Sharing his desire to

  • In episode 33, “Our Teen in Crisis”, I read an excerpt from Healing a Shattered Soul, my faithful journey of courageous kindness after the trauma and grief of domestic terrorism. You will feel my worry and frankly fear, concerning my own parenting of our 12-year-old Lukas. With the help of strangers

  • From April 7 to July 15, 1994, nine-year-old Jacqueline Murekatete witnessed the atrocities of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Jacqueline’s passion to live for her family and to help others guided her path to the founding of the Genocide Survivors Foundation. “Live beyond yourself and with passion

  • In episode 35, “With Whom are you Celebrating Independence Day?” you will hear me read from the chapter titled Islam or Muslim in Healing a Shattered Soul, my memoir published on May 3, 2021. The shattering of my soul occurred on April 13, 2014, with the murders of my father, oldest

  • Unfortunately, Pardeep and I share the pain of losing our family members to violence ignited and fueled by hate. As the author of, The Gift of our Wounds, Pardeep Kaleka found opportunities for post-traumatic growth and healing after the murders of his own father and friends at the Sikh Temple

  • In podcast episode 37 titled “I Love You Too, Mom” based on the chapter with the same title in my memoir, Healing a Shattered Soul, you will hear me share how a few friends of mine receive messages from their loved ones, immensely warming my heart. Another caveat to episode 37,

  • September is Suicide Awareness Month. The topics contained in my show notes and this episode are difficult to hear and process. Please have support with you or readily available if suicide, sexual assault, or depression are a trigger for you. In Episode 38, “Sexual Assault, Mental Health, Suicide and LOVE”,

  • In Episode 39, you will hear me read one of the chapters from my memoir, Healing a Shattered Soul, titled, “A Good Enough Christian”. Desiring to be poured into by those who care about me so deeply, they don’t want to make a mess of me is a welcome expectation. I

  • October 27, 2018, was the day of the Tree of Life Synagogue during the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania massacre. Intent on murdering Jews, the shooter stole the lives of 11 (eleven), innocent victims, with gun violence during the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre. One of those lives taken was that of Joyce

  • In episode 41, “Projects and People are Healing Their Hearts”, hear the legacy of Jeff Hanson told by his parents, Julie and Hal Hanson. Born with Neurofibromatosis, Jeff would lose enough of his sight by the age of 12 that his parents understood they would need to find adjustments in

  • Sadness and sorrow are universal while our path to healing is individual. It bears repeating that the passion of a grieving parent has seemingly no boundaries or limits. You might ask yourself, where does my guest on Real Grief - Real Healing, Dawn Collins, find the energy to create the

  • Gertrude Price (aka Sister Price) “spent her life restoring the spirits of people, their own lives were important to her”, said Dr. Nicole D. Price, my guest for podcast episode 43, “Seeking Restoration While Grieving”. You will hear more insights from Nicole in our heartfelt conversation about the murder of

  • On March 16, 2021, eight people lost their lives, six of whom were of Asian descent. "The spa shooting only fueled a surge in racially motivated hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, or AAPI, during the pandemic." - Annika Kim Constantino, CNBC. Most days my faith and love

  • Lisa Keefauver, my guest on episode 45, is authoring a book to help guide us through our grief. Titled, Grief is a Sneaky Bitch, the same name as her highly-rated podcast, Lisa is providing snack-sized commentary that is digestible even during our well-documented grief-stricken, foggy brain phase. mindy's show notes Episode 045 -

  • What does forgiveness mean to you? This question has been posed to me countless times since 2014 when my father and son were murdered due to one person’s hatred of Jews. This same question passed my lips as I interviewed Chris Singleton, a former professional baseball player, author, inspirational speaker, husband,

Compassion, Forgiveness, overcome, life’s challenges

The Jewish Chronicle ׀ April 4, 2019

5 Years After Tragedy, Jewish Community Rallies

Compassion, Forgiveness, overcome, life’s challenges

Shawnee Mission Post ׀ April 1, 2019

Sunayana and Mindy Walk in and Annual Peace Walk

Compassion, Forgiveness, overcome, life’s challenges
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